Creating a global icon by uncovering a human insight that transcends cultural boundaries



Heineken N.V. acquired Tiger in 2012, with the objective of making it the #2 beer worldwide behind Heineken.

We were tasked with relaunching Tiger and creating an Innovation Pipeline and Brand Architecture to make the brand relevant globally.


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Through global qualitative research we set out to find the highest common denominator across very different cultures, to unite a brand with numerous personalities in Asia alone (Chinese, Malaysian, Vietnamese, North American, European and Australian).

Simultaneously we needed to create a culture for growth in the newly formed merger of APG and Heineken, to support a sustainable strategy into the future.


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We identified a unique insight which gave new global meaning to the concept of ‘face’ – the tradition of portraying the ideal image of oneself by conforming to a set of rules and obligations. Set in context of this digital age, our strategy unveiled a modernised understanding of the notion of face and social interactions.

Aligning this with the brand’s unique perspective and history we created an opportunity for Tiger to champion a cause beyond image – one that would elevate the brand to an emotional level with consumers and drive affinity alongside sales.


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We developed a Brand Positioning that united agencies alongside internal cross-cultural teams.

In 2017 Tiger became the fastest growing beer in the world as a result of a truly global insight.

Heineken N.V. in the same year reported the highest earnings growth in 7 years driven by a 13% increase in Asian revenue.

Identifying the highest common denominator across Asia, North America, Europe and Australia.

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