“The insight, inspiration and constructive challenging of the BIG team has been instrumental in turning Tiger into a global brand with value beyond price.”



Identifying the highest common denominator across Asia, North America, Europe and Australia.

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We have acquired a highly fragmented brand - Tiger Beer in Asia - and want to make it a worthy #2 to Heineken globally in under 5 years.


How to tap into the post-Olympic economic zeitgeist in the East.

How to attract a new audience of millennials - we called them ‘Men in Beta’ - and capture that moment in time, via a powerful insight.

We discovered a truth rooted in their behavior on social media.

This helped Tiger achieve cult status among young men seeking to challenge the culture of ‘Face’ and claim a new Identity.


Our brand positioning united markets, targets and new company culture.​ In 2017 Tiger became the fastest growing premium beer in the world. ​In the same year Heineken N.V. reported the highest earnings growth in 7 years driven by a 13% increase in Asian revenue.​

The success of the strategy led BIG to become the first innovation agency nominated for a Drum Marketing Award for Best Long-Term Growth Strategy in 2017.