Carving out a new category opportunity for a market leader

"Internally we all feel that we couldn't have achieved what we have without your brilliant crafting and inferences about the consumer insights and the related product portfolio."






For the past 4 years GSK has been attempting to carve out a new space in the healthcare industry with the objective of identifying endemic modern ailments that were not being addressed by current medicine.

The focus was on India and China as pilots prior to global launch.


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Seeking a fresh approach, we were briefed with just one month to turn the project around. Our task was to extrapolate data from the previous attempts to develop the brand and identify an angle that had not been discovered to date. 

Any concept developed needed to be pilot market ready in the space of 8 weeks – pressure on.


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We developed a methodology that enabled us to reconcile yet challenge the past learning in a constructively provocative way. In a series of unconventional interviews with both the traditional and the Western medical communities, we developed new insights into both a potential audience and new product offering.

This coupled with the strategic collaboration of all the principals involved to date, led us to not only create four quantitatively validated new brand platforms but also three new potential innovations concepts under each platform.


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Over 50% of the concepts achieved trial indices in the top 5% ever recorded of the GSK database.

The GSK leadership team has provided an enthusiastic go-ahead to the initiative.

The project team are adopting a 'test, learn & go wide' approach to optimise a global launch in a ruthlessly competitive market.

Creating a new category with China and India as the pilot markets.

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