Defining the future of beverages to develop leading innovations

Shifting internal thinking from the heart of the company at R&D HQ.



Define the future of beverages for the global R&D team of the one most famous and market-leading brands in the world.

With this, identify growth opportunities for the business over the next 10 years. 

In 2017 alone the company had 1700 innovations in the pipeline.

They needed a new model for growth.


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The R&D team had identified a number of new technologies, capable of supporting a new brand in the growing health sector.

They needed guidance on how they could be made relevant and therefore commercially viable. And there was no readily available consumer data.

We adopted an iterative consumer-centric approach, which involved ethnographies, expert incubators, and applied principles from other categories.


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We developed a greater understanding of the B2C needspace in order to identify B2B opportunities. In doing so we were able to fast track the internal corporate shift from an acquisition to an in-house capability development model.

We presented the team with a hierarchy of values and strategic drivers along with a product-to-consumer matrix.


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The first R&D led innovation strategy.

Over 25 strategic growth opportunities identified in health.

18 commercially viable new brand concepts to feed into an innovation pipeline for now and into the future. To date 2 of our new brand concepts have been built into the 2018 pipeline.

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