Transforming one of the world's most iconic cities through brand innovation principles


Westminster City Council needed to develop a strategy for the commercial resurgence of London and, in the process, train a team and create ownership for the strategic implementation of results.

They had put together an eclectic group of town planners but required a strategic partner to guide them in how to move forward.


We recognised that first there was a need to make people think differently about physical spaces. We had to create a shift in the way people engage with iconic parts of central London, to bring culture top of mind and to create commercial & cultural sub-brands.

For these hubs, we also needed stakeholders to take ownership.


We introduced Westminster City Council to the concept of treating London as a brand.


With our creative hats on we zoned boroughs, working together to build communities, attract visitors and galvanise local businesses. 

We developed practical innovation programs for Chinatown, Shaftesbury Avenue and Soho, collaborating with local stakeholders on the journey. 

We sought out insights that would unite bodies with completely different agendas - including Members of Parliament, lobbyists, landlords, restaurateurs, theatre owners, retailers, residents and tourists.

The IP and identity we developed enabled the team to arrive at the highest common denominator and best practice from all actors. This led to not only ownership, but also implementation of the concepts.


Our work branding London created the iconic district Theatreland 

Sales in theatre performances in 2013 grew by 11%.

Addressing a city of global citizens to create an inclusive brand.

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