"BIG can help clients balance the courage required to find white space in the market with grounded commercial pragmatism. The innovative introduction of ‘philanthropy’ as a DNA value and a new positioning which tapped into the entrepreneurial spirit of our DB drinker led to the award winning 'Brewtroleum'."


Re-establishing DB Export as the market-leading beer in New Zealand.



We’ve historically been the traditional market leader in New Zealand, in fact we practically own the category, but beer consumption is dropping, and the brand is suffering a 15% sales decline.

We need to re-engage our audience with the category and show true leadership.


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How to identify a little-known trait in mainstream male ‘Kiwi’ beer drinkers which taps into the spirit of the nation and of the times.

Then use the insight to reframe the role of the brand through a shared aspirational value - the spirit of 'philanthropy'.


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Our strategy led to the award-winning innovation Brewtroleum, turning left-over yeast from the production process into biofuel in NZ.

Sales increased by 10% in a declining market.

DB Export become New Zealand’s fastest growing beer brand.