Futureproofing fundraising through behavioural change

Delivering a future strategy for a UK-based charity via global insights.


Save the Children was witnessing a paradigm shift and downward global trend in their supporters that needed addressing.


BIG took on the pro-bono collaboration with the aim of helping them acquire a deeper understanding of the factors at play and how to combat these for the future.


We set out to investigate the future of fundraising by considering the charitable sector as a whole, including past, present and projected socio-economic climate​, alongside disruptors and enablers such as legislation and technology respectively.


An analysis of political, economic and social trends allowed us to effectively identify numerous barriers and catalysts that influence the future of fundraising. 

We constructed six platforms to test different avenues with consumers that could enable the charity to combat these.

Through evaluating with consumers the potential socio-cultural implications of these trends, alongside the platforms, we were able to project impact on the charity sector 15 years into the future; and serve the strongest solutions to lower barriers to participation within the customer journey.


We introduced co-creation, circular business models, digitalisation and turned fundraising into an innovation habit.

We helped Save the Children re-appraise their long-terms objectives for fundraising by providing solid ground to evolve from, and new categories and ideas to build on, internally, externally and globally.

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