13 and 20 February 2020

The Works

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Provocative thinking.

How 2030 will reward the brave?

Fuelling new ways of thinking for innovators and  marketing decision-makers.

Devised to bring together leading individuals in the field of Strategy and Innovation to connect, collaborate and question the status quo. Over the joy of a coffee and croissants.

Our breakfast sessions are designed to be provocative, to stimulate debate and to inspire new ways of thinking.

Hosted by Big Transform CEO, Anne Le Blond, each Breakfast Club has its own theme which we explore through the lens of our Provocative Theories.

The sessions are an interactive workshop style, enabling leaders to share their perspective and learn from other industries as well as gain fresh insights on trends shared by our team.


Over coffee and croissants we invite leading individuals the world of innovation  and strategy to connect, collaborate, and question the status quo. The goal of these sessions is to promote new thinking, stimulate healthy debate, and leave everyone feeling energised and inspired.


Emceed by Big Transform’s CEO, Anne Le Blond, with over 20 years from the top 10 global advertising agencies and experienced in innovation from start-ups to sale. Each Breakfast Club has its own theme explored in an interactive workshop style session, applying our IP to your big questions